Here I am.
In bed.
Late at night. I can’t sleep and I’m wondering why this insomnia gets me everytime.
I’ve been thinking, thinking about life, thinking about what I can do or change to grow in life.

Being a curvy blogger is hard. I’ve been dealing with body discrimination lately. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was a real thing. Am I just imagining that brands don’t want to work with me because I have a bigger size? Please tell me some of y’all experienced this too so I don’t look like a crazy person, lol.

No but on a serious note, I have had brands rejecting me, and I’m talking about fashion brands, because apparently they already have chosen their influencers to work with. When I heard that I thought ‘oh okay, no problem. Next time better luck.’ not thinking it would have to do something with my body type or even body discrimination.
After a week or so another influencer I know got a message from that specific brand asking if they could collaborate. And yes, you can already guess it! This influencer had the, supposedly, perfect body. When I heard that I wasn’t sure what to think. Should I feel bad? Or should this motivate me to continue to fight for diversity in the blogosphere?

I’m not going to lie, I did hurt me. I was upset. Owning up to your feelings is the first thing to do. Knowing that it’s okay to feel bad. But please, my fellow curvy, beautiful women don’t let it get to you. Wipe off those tears and kick some (fat)ass!

On the other hand I should use my platform to address this issue because body discrimination is a real thing. Nowadays when you scroll through Instagram all you see is gorgeous fashion blogger with super small sizes. Which is great, don’t get me wrong! But where is the influencer where I can see myself in or not only myself but a bunch of other women. I don’t understand why brands don’t see this issue. They want to attract customers but if those customers can’t find influencers who inspire them because they are not as ‘perfect’ as them, will this work out for them?

Anyways, enough ranting and please keep in mind that this is not a rant towards all those influencers but a rant towards all these brands who should root for more diversity.

And diversity is where I stand for!