Ever wondered how to be truly happy inside the body you have? Well I’ve been struggling since ages, I’ve always been the ‘bigger’, ‘curvier’ maybe even thicker girl next to all my classmates and friends. Getting on diets, started working out sometimes even starving myself thinking I would be happier if I was skinny, just like everybody else in this industry. Does that one blogger, who is skinny and pretty, get more chances than me? A curvy woman? This industry makes you think about all these things without even realising that we basicly stopped living and most importantly ENJOYING our lives. We should all be thankful for the fact that we can walk, talk, run, jump, do whatever a body can handle, properly. And that my friends is what really matters. Stop wasting time worrying about that one chocolate piece (or sometimes pieces, you know, the time of the month) you ate yesterday and start living!

I came to this realisation a moment ago. Being in that Xandres X-line store with a bunch of other bloggers; curvy, pretty blogger with an amazing personality. All so different but we all shared one thing: a real passion for clothes and fashion. It was so beautiful to see how each individual had created their own style in one store, with sometimes the same items. You know what was even more beautiful? The fact that you could see how confident everyone was! And for me, I know exactly why. When u visit a regular store when your curvier, it is a drama to even fit in a jeans/trousers without it being either too loose or too thight. My body type (a obvious Pear shape) is a tricky bodytype. If I would want my trousers to fit around my waist, I would have to get a smaller size but it wont fit over my big butt and hips! In the Xandres X-line store everything was true to size, no more hussle, no more getting into the fitting rooms with 20 pairs of jeans, hoping one of them will fit. Also; because the store is rather small (with enough fashionable options!) the sales advisor can take her time with you and advise you on the items. That’s why I would rather visit the store instead of shopping online.

Since everything was so clean in the store I got to pick out my favorites pieces very quickly. Fitted tons of fun items (or maybe better said; couldn’t choose) and went for this outfit. A classic, crisp, white shirt with beautiful pearly details on the sleeves and a funky pair of red trousers (which btw fits super comfy). Very classic but oh so fun to wear!