Hi loves! Here I am once again. In a future blogpost I’ll explain why I’m not posting anything lately but for now I’m going to show a little corner of my room interior; My desk/make-up table!

My whole room is in a ‘white and grey’-vibe so when I LOVE MY TYPE contacted me and asked if I could pick out a poster, I immediately saw this pretty poster (find HERE). The text, the colors, the graphic design, everything is just beautiful! It fits perfectly in my interior too. Because the people working at I love my type are so sweet, they gifted me an extra set of pretty designed stuff; a gratitude journal, a notebook, happiness booster-cards and pretty postcards.

To give my little corner a bit more of that winter feeling, I added fairy lights, a candle from Diptyque (find HERE), an army printed drink thingie (don’t know what it’s called tho haha) and a drip candle. It just looks so cosy! I’m very happy with how my interior looks like, if you like these type of posts I can show a lot more of my room. Let me know in a comment below!