Grey textured leather, Golden hardware and Silky scarf.. Yes that describes my dream/musthave bag from Moschino! And lucky me, DUIFHUIZEN.BE had my dreambag. Oh my, how happy I was when I heard the doorbell ring (and believe me the shipping was pretty fast too!) and the delivery man came and handed me the big white box. AAAAAAAAH! I rushed to the kitchen to find scissors. And there it was.. Grey textured leather, Golden hardware and Silky scarf; the ‘LOVE MOSCHINO’ crossbody bag in Grey. has me drooling over all the other bags, every single one was incredibly pretty! You know what impressed me the most? How much junk fits in this little crossbody bag! I’m such an OCD person and I must have all my ‘daily needs’-stuff with me like a lipbalm, mini perfume, sunglasses/glasses, a mirror, handlotion aaaand a lot more. All of this fits in this beauty with an extra pocket for my iPhone. Talking about perfection for an OCD person, lol! But enough talking I will let you enjoy this beauty just like I enjoy it every day. (WARNING: You WILL want to buy the bag and I WILL support you on the greatest decision you’ll ever make!)

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