If you’ve read me post about my personal update, you will know that I have been away for quite a while (read ages) but that doesn’t mean I have been laying down, doing nothing! No, no, no! This girl right here was working on two other blogs for school. I taught it will be cool to show you my other blogs. You guys want to know the story behind my grey hair look?

For the courses ‘Social Objects’ and ‘Webcopywriting’ I had to create a blog where I posted my tasks. Let’s start with my blog for ‘Social Objects’. Social objects is all about the skills behind running a blog; from working with Photoshop to Illustrator and even Audacity. My blog called ‘I AND THE SOCIAL‘ is full of those skills. Are you curious how I’ve created the grey hair? Take a look at ‘I AND THE SOCIAL‘!

The other blog is about webcopywriting. This is a very crucial aspect in the blogging world. I run (or better runned cuz school is over!) this blog ‘Epistola‘ with two others, so not all the posts are written by me. If you want to know how to write a strong blogpost you should deffo take a look at ‘Epistola‘.

Now you guys know what I was doing when I was neglecting my sweet little fashionblog ‘I AM YASS‘!