Aaaah! The sun makes me so happy! You know what makes me even more happier? Yep, pretty nailpolish. I received these two summer colours from Global Image, thank u guys, but whoaah; How pretty are these? ProNails is a Belgian brand who specializes in hand, nail and feet care. You can’t buy ProNails in regular drugstores, only in nailsalons. That’s what makes it unique, I guess. When you apply this nailpolish, you immediately feel the quality. I’ve tested the nailpolishes and they stayed on quite a while. SCORE! Want to know more about them?

The blue nailpolish, called ‘ACT OF KINDNESS’ (cool names, SCORE AGAIN!), needs two coats to cover the nail and to get a beautiful aqua-ish blue. Both nailpolishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. These three are called the toxic trio of nailpolish. It’s too long to explain so if you want to know more about it click here. The other, pastel yellow colour is called ‘SHARE A SMILE’, guess the name explains it all for itself! The only thing I can say is that the nailpolish does not chip as fast as the cheap nailpolishes. So if you’re looking for nailpolish, that is suitable for the summer, take a look at your local nail salon! 

I DO NOT wear my nailpolish like this, lol!