Another ‘What’s in the goodiebag?’ post for you guys. This time a very sporty and full goodiebag or shall I say Backpack. Yes this time the bag was really a backpack from Burton. How cool is that? To clear things up for you guys, I was invited for e presslunch at Motions showroom. They have cool, sporty brands like Burton, Mizu and Glide Soul. It gave me an instant feeling to go on a surfcation. Let me tell you about what is in the goodiebag. A lot of lookbooks, of course. But that not it! We got a fisheye-lens for smartphones, a drink tube to keep your drinks cool during summer, a waterbottle and a hat. Jep, we got a little spoiled. Thank you Feinest Labels for inviting me!

Have you ever been on a surfcation?

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(The sun was shining really really hard, sorry!)