Remember this little box? (If not READ HERE) Well today, I’m finally opening it for you guys (obviously, I already opened it the second I came home. Just like every girl would do). Are you curious about what it is? Can you guess it? Yes, a nailpolish set from Golden Rose. It contains a red nailpolish and a Gel look topcoat. How awsome is that? Now I can have my own little manicure moment at home. Even tho I’m way too lazy to put nailpolish on everyday, I did want to review this duo. Want to know more about it, keep reading.

Did you guess it right? What did you think the box contained? Let me know in a comment below.

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The feeling of unwrappig a gift, aaaaaaaah! Love it.

Here they are, this lovely duo! Laying in their soft bed, just like a married couple. (Yes, that’s my stupid imagination, pardon me for that).

As you can read, the brush is a maxi brush. Which should make applying nailpolish very easy. Yes, it is true! In one step I got my whole nail polished in a blood red color.

As you can see, the result is a very shiny, blood red nail ready to be rocked on a night out. The nailpolish stays on very good. I’m happy about it, even tho I don’ like red nailpolish that much. Just give me a nude one and I’m a happt happy girl.

You see that shinyness (I’m still making my own words, yes)!