Always wondering what is in the goodiebags all those bloggers get after they visited an event? Yeah, well me too! So I was thinking like, why not try to share a ‘what is in the goodiebag?’-post after each event. (Not that I go to tons of events tho). Anyways, this time an inside look of the goodiebag I received from my last event. As you can see it was filled with a pretty, high quality note book. Ideal for those blog inspiration moments.  A mirror to check up on your make-up during the day, essentiel in your handbag! An USB-card, which I think is the best invention ever, now I always have an USB in my wallet for whenever I need it. And last but deffoo not least this little suprise box. I’m not going to tell you just yet what is in the box, you will see that soon enough on the blog!

Are you also that curious of what’s in those goodiebags?

You want to know what’s in the surprise box? Well, stay tuned my loves!