Do you guys remember the Catrice Eyebrow Lifter I bought (find shoplog HERE)? Well, I was sp thrilled about this product that I had to make a seperate post about it. Not your classic kind of review but three ways on ‘how to use the Catrice Eyebrow Lifter’. On the picture above you see a close-up of my eye – oooobviously – without any make-up (except for foundation and concealer on my skin) so no mascara, eye shadow or anything else. To show you the effect  of the Eyebrow lifter. Click on read more to see the three ways!

What is the make-up thing you can’t go out the door without? Let me know in a comment.

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The first way is the most obvious way. Yes exactly, under the eyebrow. Thank God, I’m blessed with full eyebrows so I don’t have to fill them in or anything else. But a nice eyebrow lifting game is always welcome! The crayon has a thick end so it’s easy to draw a line underneath your eyebrow.

After that, you take a little smudge brush (or you can use your finger too, it’s up to you) and you smudge the harsh edges. 

The end result is a nice and open eye, ready to be handled with some pretty eye shadows! 

Another way to use the eyebrow lifter is to line the under waterline. Now your eye is already bright and open after the first step, but to make it a little bit more open-ish (why do I always make up new words that don’t exist?) you can draw a line on your waterline. Because this crayon is a nude color, it will blend in with the white of your eye. This creates an illusion of a bigger eye. I love it! 

The last way has nothing to do with the eye. Yes, this little product is versatile and I love it! I can even accentuate my cupids bow with the eyebrow lifter. Because of the colour and the creaminess it’s perfect for that area. You can blend it out easily with a smudge brush. 

This is the result. You can even add a lipliner but I just used a Babylips balm. 

Catrice Eyebrow Lifter is from Kruidvat – Price 3,39 euro