Ugh, I’m in that stage again where I want something new in my life. Everytime I look in the mirror, I see my boring, black, long hair. Maybe it’s the winter that give me that little dip and I think that a new fresh, lighter hairdo will cheer me up. Don’t you think? Now, I’m totally not saying that I want something extreme, such as Platina blonde hair or a crazy color, no that’s just not me. I want a change that I can enjoy for a very long time and without any regrets afterwards. 

That’s how I stumbled upon; Ombré Balayage. It’s a subtle ombré mixed with highlights. It’s just breathtakingly (is this even a word?) beautiful how something so subtle can change your whole look. Exactly what I need!

I know, if I want to dye my hair, it will cost me a lot of money. That’s why I have been watching tutorials on Youtube. But I came to the conclusion that it’s too risky, if you don’t have any experience. I’m still looking for a affordable way to do it tho.

What do you guys think of this hairdo? Do you know someone who does Ombré Balayage? Let me know in comment.

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source photos: Weheartit